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1kertaa2 knitted interior decoration is proud to be designed and manufactured in Finland. Cozy high quality products "clothing for the home". For the everyday. And they'll stand up to daily wear & tear.


The designs are based in Scandinavian graphic minimalism and take a unique perspective on contemporary patterns. They products easily combine with your existing interior decor to create warmth or contrast. The minimal yet interesting patterns create the 1kertaa2 style. They complement the contemporary and the mainstream — yet in a timeless, stylish manner. Twice a year we introduce new products in the lineup, that you can use to upgrade the looks of your home. The starkly graphic patterns are rendered in soft, comforting wool fabrics.


Colour schemes are minimalistic. Black, white and the natural gray of wool are combined with seasonal colors. Older products stand the test of time through their classic looks and overall longevity. 


Trends come and go, and products get thrown away along the way. But these knits are the real thing, a genuine and timeless alternative. The year ends in the Festice Season, and real wool knitwear is the perfect match — not to mention a warm gift for a loved one. The products are also available as business gifts for b-to-b sales.

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